Posted on: April 7, 2017

Goochland County Takes Aim at Litter

Goochland-Cover Your Load Sign

If you’ve traveled the scenic roads of Goochland County, you may have noticed unwanted concentrated pockets of roadside trash, specifically along routes that lead to the County’s Convenience Centers.

The County is taking active steps to address the ongoing littering problems along County roadways. A multi-pronged approach, highlighting current County and State resources as well as newly implemented management approaches, has Goochland “taking aim at litter.”

Goochland County staff are using multiple methods to combat the ongoing issue of trash along County roadways. Methods include policing high traveled/high litter areas with General Services staff as well as working with residents to help report areas where VDOT can provide roadside litter removal. General Services staff have posted signage at both the Western and Central Convenience Centers reminding and educating users about the need to “cover their loads” to prevent littering.

In addition to roadside litter collection efforts, the Department of General Services will be working with Parks and Recreation staff as well as with the Friends of Goochland Parks to educate folks and facilitate clean-up efforts through the organization and implementation of two seasonal events; Goochland Green Day and Autumn River Day. Each event (Goochland Green Days is scheduled for April 23rd, from 2-5 pm at Tucker Park) will offer litter prevention and education programs as well as clean up opportunities in County parks and in other designated areas.

 Opportunities also exist for residents to volunteer towards litter removal efforts. VDOT offers an “Adopt-A-Highway” program and provides bags and other materials at no cost to volunteers. The Goochland Anti-Litter and Recycling Council (GARC) offers both an “Adopt-A-Spot” program and works with VDOT on anti-litter efforts. Please call VDOT to report roadside litter issues at 800-PRIDEVA.

For Additional Info on VDOT Adopt-A-Highway.
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