COVID-19 Donations and Volunteer Opportunities

Citizens interested in giving back and supporting the Goochland community and greater Richmond Region can do so through multiple avenues.  Opportunities exist to donate personal protective equipment, non-perishable food items and household products, pet food, money, and sign-up to be notified about volunteer opportunities.

Donate Personal Protective Equipment

Individuals can now donate masks, gloves, and personal protective equipment directly to Goochland County Fire-Rescue for use by public safety personnel, county employees, and community organizations.  A designated drop-box where individuals can place donations has been installed outside Fire-Rescue’s office at 2938 River Road, Building I, Goochland, VA 23063.  Both medical-grade personal protective equipment and non-medical-grade masks and equipment will be accepted.

Please contact Goochland County Fire-Rescue at (804) 556-5304 to make arrangements if the items will not fit in the box or if donating a large quantity of equipment.  Goochland County Fire-Rescue will collect donations and distribute them based on county organizational needs.

Donate Non-Perishable Food and Household Products

Individuals wishing to support the community can donate non-perishable food items and household products like toilet paper, paper towels, and detergent to GoochlandCares.  They do not accept homemade food items.

Donations can be made Monday – Friday between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. and on Tuesdays until 7:00 p.m.  GoochlandCares has established a no contact drop-off process on the far side of their building located at 2999 River Road West, Goochland, VA 23063.  Please leave the non-perishable food items and household products on the small tables and staff/volunteers will retrieve the items for processing.

Questions can be directed to Terry Ebright, GoochlandCares Food Pantry Manager at (804) 556-6260 or

Donate Dog & Cat Food

The Goochland County Animal Shelter is partnering with GoochlandCares to help people in the community.  Individuals interested in helping by donating dog or cat food (dry or can) can drop it off at the new Goochland Animal Shelter and Adoption Center located at 1900 Hidden Rock Lane, Goochland, VA 23063.

Drop off times are:

Tuesday - Saturday 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Sunday 9:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.

Please donate only dog food and cat food (dry or can).

Donate Money to Community Organizations

Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund

Consider donating financially to the Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund, which was activated by the Community Foundation and the Emergency Management Alliance of Central Virginia.  The Fund is providing rapid support to community organizations and public agencies that are meeting the needs of individuals and families most affected by the coronavirus pandemic. The fund is designed to be flexible in focus as needs change over time, and to complement other resources and responses at the national, state and local levels.

The Fund hopes to support multiple phases of funding focused on meeting acute response needs now and recovery over the longer-term. Initially, the fund will support organizations and public agencies that are addressing urgent needs associated with the pandemic such as health care, housing, food access, childcare and senior care. It will help to assure we can meet the needs of our most vulnerable together. Funds may also be used to assist localities with the procurement of food and safety supplies.

Individuals can donate to the Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund online, by check, and by securities or other assets for more information please visit

Central Virginia COVID-19 Response Fund logo


Consider donating financially to GoochlandCares.  COVID-19 is creating unprecedented hardships for a growing number of our neighbors. Many have already lost their jobs, health insurance, and even the support that schools normally provide.  Especially now, your gift makes a difference.

GoochlandCares remains a lifeline, providing 12 critical services securing Health, Housing, Safety, and Food. In these difficult times – your gift delivers life-saving resources for neighbors in need.  Individuals can donate to GoochlandCares online, by phone, and through other ways for more information please visit or contact them at (804) 556-0301.

GoochlandCares logo

Sign Up to Volunteer


Consider signing up to volunteer locally once it is safe and volunteer needs have been identified.  Goochland County is monitoring the volunteer needs of our operations and those of our community partners.  At this time needs and services are being met; volunteers are not needed, but we are continuing to monitor and reassess on a weekly basis. 

Individuals interested in volunteering are encouraged to provide their contact information to the county by calling (804) 556-5800 to be placed on a list to be notified once volunteer opportunities have been identified.

Virginia Medical Reserve Corps

Consider signing up to volunteer with the Virginia Medical Reserve Corps (VMRC).  The VMRC estimates they will need 30,000 volunteers in the coming weeks in order to cope with the rising number of COVID-19 infections across Virginia.

The VMRC is seeking volunteers for a variety of tasks. This need is not just limited to Virginians with a work background in healthcare – a wide range of skills and experiences are needed to assist with logistical support, educational efforts, communication, and more. For more information or to sign up to become an MRC volunteer, please visit