Goochland County Village Plans 2022

Plan Goochland

Goochland County is initiating two small area plans, one for the Centerville Village and one for the Courthouse Village. 

The County is experiencing significant growth pressures, especially in the
 Courthouse and Centerville Villages. The County’s Comprehensive Plan
 addresses these areas at a high level, but small area plans will provide
 more specific guidance including land uses, residential densities, and
 design attributes for these corridors. 

Join Goochland County in June for Community Meetings on the Courthouse Village and Centerville Village small area plans.


The Courthouse Village Community Meeting will be held on Wednesday, June 8th at 7 p.m. in the Goochland County Administration Building Board Room located at 1800 Sandy Hook Rd., Goochland, VA 23063.


The Centerville Village Community Meeting will be held on Thursday, June 9th at 7 p.m. at Grace Chinese Baptist Church located at 850 Broad Street Rd., Manakin Sabot, VA 23103.

Previously, in early February community meetings were held in both Villages.  

The presentations for these meetings were recorded and can be viewed at the pages below.

Courthouse Village Page

Centerville Village Page

Public Engagement  

Click Here For Courthouse Survey

Click Here For Centerville Survey

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What we've heard so far

 Public Comments Log (as of April 1, 2022)

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Goochland County Village Plan March 2022 News Video 

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Over the next couple of months, the consultants will begin to draft
 the basic elements of the plan built on the initial community meeting,
 discussions with interested parties and landowners, and the results of a
 survey that will be posted on the website in the coming weeks. 

Meet the Consultants

David Hill, President, Landscape Architect

Ross Hammes, Community Planner, Geospatial and Environmental Analyst

Peter Giraudeau, Visualization Specialist, Planner

Hill Studio Website

Aaron Arnett, AICP, Partner

Shawn Terpack, Art Director

Arnett Muldrow Planning Firm Website