• Trooper Jamie Pleasants talks to the class about t
  • The class listens during a presentation
  • Students work the crime scene just as an investiga
  • Students practice the art of fingerprinting
  • Students listen intensely during a safety class
  • Students and instructors sit outside of Radio Towe
  • Specialized equipment on display
  • Sergenat Stanley Mayo preps the class for their cr
  • Sergeant Check Henley talks about dui enforcement
  • Radio Tower 101
  • One of our students dons the K9 bite suit
  • Officer Jerry Christiansen talks about K9 program
  • Officer gives rpesentation
  • Officer Chris Cranor shows students a smoking devi
  • Major Don Bewkes addresses the class about Special
  • Major Bewkes talks about the Hostage Negotiation T
  • Major Bewkes shows the class some of the specializ
  • Major Bewkes goes over the specialized equipment w
  • Investigator Mike East talks about the Radio Commu
  • Investigator Mike East speaks at the Radio Communi
  • Investigator East shows a student how to lift a fi
  • Deputy Matt Carrier plays our victim again
  • Deputy Jones talks about the rescue team
  • Deputy Greg Bock talks about the K9 program
  • Deputy Cranor shows students a homemade weapon tak
  • Deputy Cranor looks in his box of goodies
  • Deputy Chris Cranor shows  fingerprint techniques
  • Deputy Chris Cranor demonstrates fingerprint techn
  • Deputy Carlos Nido answers students questions
  • Deputy Bock talks about the K9 program

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