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1. Is the School division going to build a castle?
2. Is the new elementary school going to cost $60 Million?
3. What is going to happen to the current Goochland Elementary School?
4. Didn’t we just build a new high school? Why are renovations needed?
5. When are Byrd and Randolph Elementary Schools going to be replaced?
6. Why should I vote for this if I don’t have children or grandchildren in school?
7. My students go to Randolph Elementary. Why should I support this referendum?
8. Will the Bulldog Way road improvements make it safer for me to pick up my child from school?
9. What is wrong with the current Goochland Elementary School? Why do you need a new school?
10. Why aren’t the Bulldog Way improvements being done by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT)?
11. What is the timeline for the School Projects?