Agricultural Resources

One-on-one producer education

Goochland County has a rich agricultural history. Founded in 1727, Goochland was a frontier area which offered a natural setting for large plantations and country estates. The rich fertile land, with timber and mineral deposits, brought more settlers to the area, and families from the lower James River region soon populated it. Coal was mined in the eastern section at the Dover, Manakin and Tuckahoe coalfields, while gold was mined in the western section. With the James River running through the midsection of the new county and an abundance of creeks, mills were built to grind grain or produce oils. The original tobacco crop was replaced by wheat, which was easily transported to the larger mills in Richmond for markets in the Atlantic region of the United States.  

Today agriculture in Goochland County is defined as the science, art, or occupation concerned with cultivating land, raising crops, and feeding, breeding, raising livestock. Examples includes livestock, poultry, crops, craft beverages, equestrian uses, and farmers markets. Goochland County Administration looks to promote, encourage, and support area farmers in their endeavors.

Areas of Current and Ongoing Agricultural Support 
The Goochland County ACRES Initiative highlights and supports the County’s ongoing commitment to the Goochland Agricultural community. ACRES stands for the following: 
Accessibility  Connectivity  Readiness  Education   Sustainability 

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