Road Improvement Recommendations

The Transportation Department is responsible for providing information and recommendations on technical and policy issues regarding road improvements and acts as the liaison between residents of Goochland County and the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT), which maintains all the public roads within the county.

The Transportation Department advises on land use and development projects to the Board of Supervisors, County Administration, Planning Commission, and residents and businesses. The Department works with VDOT to conduct studies and seek funding for road improvement projects.

Transportation Projects

See our Transportation Projects webpage and VDOT's Project Page for information on road improvement projects throughout the county and state. 

Visit VDOT's Paving Map for updates on paving projects throughout Goochland and the State.

Regional Partners

Transportation collaborates with other regional transportation entities such as Central Virginia Transportation Authority (CVTA), Greater Richmond Transit Company (GRTC), Richmond Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RRTPO), and VDOT.

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Austin Goyne

County Engineer

1800 Sandy Hook Rd, Suite 280
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  1. Fairground Road Roundabout is Officially Open

    Goochland County has been informed by the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) that the Fairground Road Roundabout is officially open to traffic! Read on...
  2. Ashland Road (Route 623) Divergent Diamond Interchange Funding Approved

    Goochland County is pleased to share that the Divergent Diamond Interchange at Ashland Road is now officially fully funded through VDOT’s Smart Scale program as part of the Six Year Improvement Plan that was adopted on June 21, 2023, at the CTB meeting. Read on...
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