Construction Permit Applications

Please note that Residential Building and Trade Permits, are accepted in person between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.  Commerical Building and Trade Permits must be applied for online via the Energov Portal. Permits arriving after 4:00 p.m. will not be accepted.
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Attention Residential Builders!

Subdivision Development Requirements

To ensure timely, consistent, and proper installation of subdivision infrastructure to protect the health, safety, and welfare of our residents, Goochland County has certain minimum requirements for subdivision development that may affect the timing of the issuance of your building permit and certificate of occupancy. Please see the Subdivision Development Requirement section on the Environmental and Land Development page for more information. 

Environmental Regulations

As part of residential construction, the builder must comply with applicable environmental regulations. 

The Agreement-in-lieu for Erosion and Sediment Control designates a Responsible Land Disturber who is responsible for ensuring that clearing and construction activities on-site are done in a manner that minimizes environmental impact.  The Agreement-in-lieu outlines specific activities the contractor must take to control erosion and runoff, such as flagging of environmentally sensitive areas (streams, wetlands) prior to clearing, placement of silt fence or other measures to prevent migration of sediment offsite or into protected areas.  Other requirements include concrete washout facilities, proper management of building materials, trash, fuels, paints and solvents to prevent spills, proper disposal of trash and waste materials (paint, fuel, solvents).

In addition to the Agreement-in-lieu for Erosion and Sediment control, some building permits will be required to have a Single Family SWPPP (Stormwater Pollution Plan), and to execute an agreement-in-lieu for Stormwater.  This additional document, a state legal requirement, specifies that stormwater will be managed in a way to minimize environmental impact during and after construction, and also has an additional requirement for documented self-inspections by the contractor.  The Single Family SWPPP document will be provided to the contractor with the building permit.

The Building Inspector and Environmental Inspector may conduct inspections from time to time for Environmental Compliance during construction and provide the contractor with comments and direction to ensure any problems are addressed.  Failure to maintain proper environmental controls and to promptly correct deficiencies can lead to enforcement actions by Goochland County, such as stop work orders.

It should be noted that many lots in Goochland County contain wetlands and/or streams  (actively or intermittently flowing).  Where work impacts a wetland area or a stream (such as a driveway culvert to bridge a channel) , the builder/contractor is responsible for contacting the U.S Army Corps of Engineers to obtain their permission to perform the work (usually a permit or execution of the work in a specified manner approvable to the Corps).   

If you have specific questions regarding any environmental permits. Please visit the Environmental and Land Development webpage or contact us at 804-556-5860.