Victim Witness Assistance Program

The Victim Witness Assistance Program is designed to help crime victims and witnesses understand their role in the criminal justice system, to encourage their participation and to ensure their fair treatment.

If you are a victim of a crime, call us if you:

  • Have questions about what to expect in court or need to verify your court date
  • Would like an explanation of court procedures or the criminal justice system as it relates to your case
  • Need assistance obtaining reimbursement for travel expenses relating to court appearances if you are an out-of-town victim and/or witness
  • Have changed your address or phone number
  • Need referral to a social service or other agency that provides emergency, psychological, medical and/or financial assistance to crime victims
  • Are threatened by the defendant or anyone regarding your case
  • Have questions regarding restitution or return of your property being held as evidence
  • Need assistance completing your Victim Impact Statement
  • Have questions about the Virginia Victims Fund or need assistance filing a claim
  • Wish to be notified of a convicted offender`s release