I want to install a sign. Do I need a permit?
The County regulates the types, size, and location of signs. Most signs require a building permit.

For sign regulations see the zoning ordinance or contact the Planning & Zoning department. Also contact Planning & Zoning to report sign violations.

Design Overlay Districts

Please note that the County has design overlay districts along our major corridors (River Road West, River Road, Broad Street Road, and Ashland Road) and in certain villages (Centerville, Goochland Courthouse, and Oilville). These entrance corridors and village center overlay districts are created to conserve elements of the county's scenic beauty and to preserve and protect corridors and areas. A Certificate of Approval permit is required for any exterior improvements, including signs, or new construction. The Planning & Zoning department reviews and issues COA applications.

Road Name Signs

Contact Planning to report a missing or damaged street name sign. All public road signs will be installed by the Goochland County. Private road signs are the responsibility of the property owners. You can place an order for a private road sign with the County and the fee is $45.00.
Report a missing or damaged street sign

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