How do I obtain a septic construction permit?

A new septic construction permit is issued during the building permit process. A building permit must be applied for at the Building Inspection Department before the Health Department will review the septic construction permit. Please contact the Community Development Customer Service Center at 556-5860 or visit the Building Inspection website at

There are two options for obtaining a septic construction permit.

Hire a private Alternative Onsite Soil Evaluator (AOSE) to determine the location and type of septic system. The AOSE will provide engineered septic construction plans to submit with your building permit. Please note that your septic must be designed to either meet or exceed your planned number of bedrooms. AOSE construction plans are required for lots in subdivisions and will expedite the Health department review. AOSE construction plans are valid for eighteen (18) months and are transferrable to a new owner.  Additional
information including a list of AOSE can be found at

Apply for a “bare” septic application. A representative of the Health Department will visit your property to conduct a site and soil evaluation to determine its suitability for an onsite sewage disposal system. “Bare” septic applications can only be processed by the Health Department if a building permit is also being applied for and if the site is for the property owner’s principal place of residence. If an area is suitable, it will be identified, and a construction permit will be issued. The approval will include the permit to construct a well, if desired. This permit is valid for 18 months and is transferable to a new owner. If an onsite sewage disposal system area has been previously approved under a subdivision review, or previously issued a permit, and a different location is requested, the applicant must hire an AOSE or soil consultant to designate a new site and submit the appropriate paperwork. Use of AOSE’s is encouraged and may result in a faster processing time for Construction Permits. Additional information including a list of AOSE can be found at

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