Can someone from your agency come look at my property?

The Department of Building Inspection cannot perform specific on-site evaluations. It does, however, provide information like the shrink-swell map and assists with interpreting and using the information. An engineered soil report by a qualified professional will address soil issues specifically related to your property.

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1. Do shrink-swell soils go by other terms?
2. Why Do These Soils Expand?
3. I want to build a house in an area with Shrink Swell. Should I reconsider?
4. Can someone from your agency come look at my property?
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9. Where did the Goochland County map information come from?
10. Why did Goochland County update their shrink swell soil policy in 2019?
11. My foundation is settling. What can I do?
12. What enabling legislation/authority allows Goochland County to require a shrink swell soil report?