So what is broadband?

Broadband is any connection that allows data to move from the internet to your device quickly.  When it's slow, it's an internet connection but it's not broadband.  In Virginia, broadband is defined as a connection with speeds of greater than 10 megabits per second download - when things load from the internet to your computer or device - and 1 megabit per second upload - which is when you send something from your computer or device out to the internet.

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1. So what is broadband?
2. Goochland County has halted Verizon from expanding Fios into the County?
3. Goochland County's franchise agreement with Comcast is exclusive and limits competition?
4. Is Goochland County limiting access to the large amount of Fiber that runs throughout different roads prohibiting it from providing internet to our Residents?
5. Isn't 5G cellular service going to solve all this?