Financial Services

The Financial Services division provides financial support services for all County operations and oversees the budgeting, accounting, procurement/purchasing, and financial reporting functions of Goochland County in order to ensure compliance with local, state, and federal laws. Its responsibilities include coordination of the annual audit, budget preparation and monitoring, debt management, accounts payable, payroll, and bids and proposals.Government Finance Officers Association - Budget Award

Each year, the Goochland County Board of Supervisors approves a two-year operating budget that includes multi-year projections. For information on the County’s budget documents, please check here and contact Kathleen Smith with questions. Outside agencies requesting County funding as part of the budget process each fall should complete the Budget Contribution Request form found here


The County's transparency site provides access to the d
igital budget book as well as quick access to key financial and demographic information.

The Budget Book provides Goochland Citizens key information for understanding the allocation of revenue resources, an understanding of expenditures, debt, fund balance and reserves.  In addition, it offers added clarity of the vision and direction of Goochland in relation to these funds.

The Board of Supervisors also approves a five-year Capital Improvement Program each year. For information on the County’s capital plans, please check here and contact Barbara Horlacher with questions.

A financial audit is conducted each year by an outside firm that covers the finances of the County, Goochland Public Schools, and the Economic Development Authority. For information on the County’s audit reports, please check here and contact Kathleen Smith with questions.

Goochland County maintains an Online Check Register each month to provide a single place to go to see who receives payments from the County. For information on the Check Register, please check here and contact Shannon Fleischer with questions.
Consistent with the Virginia Public Procurement Act, the Purchasing Department was established to obtain high quality goods and services at reasonable cost and give all qualified vendors access to the County’s business. For information on doing business with Goochland County and current bids and proposals, please check here and contact Wanda Tormey with questions.

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