Review of an Assessment

Beginning on or around January 15th of each year, property owners are mailed a notice of assessment. Any property owner can contact the Assessor's Office to discuss the proposed assessment or request a review of their property. Prior to requesting an informal appeal, read the notice carefully for instructions about deadlines and filing procedures. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Assessment Appeal Process

  1. Informal Appeal: Informal appeals are heard in January after the notices are mailed. Specific appeal dates will be listed on the notice and included on the county calendar. Most appeals are resolved at this level, which starts with an informal meeting or a telephone call with an appraiser in our office. If the property owner still believes the assessed value is in excess of fair market value, is based on incorrect property information, or is inequitable when compared to similar properties, staff will complete an application for a property inspection and review the assessment upon request. Once the inspection and analysis is complete, the property owner is notified by letter of the informal appeal results.
  2. Formal Appeal: Appeals are most often settled at the informal appeal level. However, if the property owner is still not satisfied with the results of the informal appeal, they may appeal to the Board of Equalization.  You have 30 days from the date of notification of the informal appeal results to make application to this Board.  Forms are available upon request from the Assessor's Office.
  3. Circuit Court: If you are still not satisfied with the results from the Board of Equalization, your final step would be to take your case to the Goochland County Circuit Court.