Pet of the Week


Summit is the epitome of the saying “you can’t judge a book by its cover”. His exterior looks like a tough guy Bully breed, with those cropped ears and a bunch of muscles that wouldn’t be out of place on an episode of the Son’s of Anarchy. That that belies his sweet demeanor. He really belongs on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy as Dr. McDoggie, he’s a lover not a fighter after all. Summit is a well-mannered pooch who does well on leash and with other dogs he’s met here. He likes to go for walks, although you might call them “sniffs”, because he likes to stop and smell the roses every few minutes. Summit is also pretty smart and knows some basic commands. He’s particularly attentive if you’re in possession of a snack for him. Dr. McDoggie seems to be house trained is about 50 lbs. of pure heartthrob. Summit is about 5 years old, neutered, tested, chipped, and up to date on his vetting. Summit likes to get hugs from his favorite humans, bask in the sun, and play fetch (and then keep away). So, tune in to the Adoption Center network and meet your fur covered Dr. McDreamy.