Is there a way to exit the TCSD?

The Board of Supervisors will consider requests for removal from the district once every two (2) years beginning in September 2016. The next consideration will be September 2020. There are certain minimum requirements that must be met before the Board of Supervisors will consider a request for removal. 1.The request must be for residential property not currently serviced by water or sewer. If the property is serviced by water and/or sewer from the TCSD, the property must remain in the TCSD. 2.No such parcel shall be removed from the service district unless such removal is offset by the inclusion of parcels(s) subject to taxation of equal or greater assessed value at the time of inclusion that were added to the district within the preceding two (2) years of the request. 3.Commercial property is not eligible for exclusion from the TCSD. In addition, any parcel of land that is removed from the district shall not be eligible for rejoining the district for a period of five (5) years after the request to be entered back into the district. An application to be removed from the TCSD can be found below:

Application to Exit the TCSD

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1. What is the Tuckahoe Creek Service District (TCSD)?
2. My real estate tax bill has an additional Ad Valorem tax on my property. What is an Ad Valorem tax?
3. What is the Ad Valorem tax rate?
4. Will the Ad Valorem rate ever change?
5. Why/how did my property get in the TCSD?
6. I am not connected to water and/or sewer, why do I have to pay the Ad Valorem tax?
7. How long will properties in the TCSD be required to pay the Ad Valorem tax?
8. How much Ad Valorem tax has the County collected over the past 6 years? How much of the 55% revenue sharing taxes has the County transferred to the TCSD over the past 6 years?
9. What additional revenue is contributed to meeting the TCSD Debt obligations?
10. What is the total assessed value of property in the TCSD?
11. How much money did the County borrow to create the TCSD?
12. What is the remaining debt service by year on the bond until it is paid off?
13. I heard the County got the VRA bonds restructured? What does that mean?
14. Is there a TCSD reserve? How much is currently in the reserve?
15. Does the County have an accurate and complete history of the development of the TCSD, commitments, locations, and issues that is publicly available?
16. Can I view the contract agreements with Henrico County and the City of Richmond?
17. I would like to be able to connect to the TCSD water and sewer. What do I need to do to join the district?
18. Do I have to pay a connection fee to connect to County water and/or sewer?
19. How much water is allocated to the TCSD daily?
20. Do all properties using public water delivered from Henrico pay the same water and sewer rates?
21. Are there any properties located within the boundaries of the TCSD that do not pay ad valorem taxes but have public water and sewer services?
22. What do the annual capacity charges pay for?
23. Do the properties that have a reserved capacity continue to pay for it?
24. Do those properties with capacity charges pay it only if they are connected to the public system?
25. Are the capacity charges deposited in the County’s general fund or credited to the ad valorem account?
26. Would any of the ‘capacity charge’ property owners transfer any of their reserved capacity to the TCSD?
27. Is the reserved amount of capacity held for the properties part of the capacity reserved for the entire TCSD?
28. Is there an operational and maintenance impact to the County for the properties that do not pay the ad valorem but do pay a capacity charge?
29. Is it possible for a property to receive public utility connections using TCSD infrastructure and not pay the ad valorem tax?
30. Who paid for the water infrastructure from the Henrico County line to the properties served by water?
31. How much is paid annually to Henrico for our 5.25 MGD water volume and 0.69 MGD sewer volume?
32. Will new development in West Creek be subject to the ad valorem tax?
33. Are there any other water and sewer systems in the County? Do they pay the ad valorem tax?
34. Is there a way to exit the TCSD?
35. Is there a presentation that combines all of these questions into one place?
36. Where can I find the TCSD presentation from May 2, 2023?