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Animal Control


    Application for Goochland Animal Protection's Ambassador Program. A volunteer program where volunteers assist with daily operations at... More…

  2. Lost Pets

    Citizens submit lost pet information to be posted on lost board at Animal Shelter

  3. Report a Violation to Animal Control

    Citizen can use form to report a violation and an Animal Control officer will investigate the complaint.

  1. Found Pets

    Citizens would submit this form to provide information about pets found at their residence.

  2. Pet Adoption Application

Boards and Commissions

  1. Boards and Commissions Application

    Application for county boards, commissions, committees and authorities


  1. Goochland County - Broadband & Cellular Needs/Issues Form

    Broadband & Cellular Needs/Issues Form

Community Development

  1. Community Development Citizen & Customer Feedback Form

    Please fill out this form to let us know how to better serve you

  1. New Permit System Contact Merge Request

    This form sends a request for staff to merge contacts for the new permitting system

County Attorney

  1. Communicator

    Referendum Key Communicator Information

  1. Speakers

    Referendum Speakers Bureau Information

Environment & Land Development

  1. Biosolid Complaint Form

    Use this form to report any Biosolid violations

  1. Erosion & Sediment Control Violation Complaint Form

    Use this form to report any E&S violations

Finance Department

  1. Budget Contribution Request

    Instructions and application for outside agency funding request.

  1. Check Register or Credit Card Activity Report Feedback


  1. EMD Feedback Report
  2. Equipment Repair Order Request

    Please fill out this form for equipment repair requests. The number from the red tag to be attached to the piece of equipment must be... More…

  3. Goochland County Public Safety Radio Project - System Performance Feedback Form
  4. Operating Budget Planning
  1. EMS Special Procedure Notification and Q/A Form

    special procedure notification and quality assurance form for fire-rescue providers

  2. Fire-Rescue Unit Maintenance/Repair Request

    Please fill out this form and submit for any needed repairs or maintenance on rolling stock.

  3. Lost/Damaged/Stolen Equipment Form

    Please completely fill out form for loose equipment items that have been lost, damaged or stolen. This form is not to be used for... More…

  4. Volunteer Inquiry Form


  1. Goochland GIS Data Request

    This form is to request Goochland County GIS Data.

Planning & Zoning

  1. Report a Missing or Damaged Street Sign

    Use this form to report a missing or damaged street sign

  2. Zoning Violation Complaint Form
  1. Short-term Rental Registration Form

    The form must be filed annually for all short-term rentals in the County.

Public Utilities

  1. Parkside Village Supply Line Cleaning Registration
  2. Request To Close Your Account

    To close your Public Utility account for water and/or sewer services, please follow the steps below. Your information will be... More…

  3. Submit Hydrant Meter Monthly Reading

    To submit your monthly hydrant meter reading, please follow the steps below.

  1. Questions / Comments on the Updated Construction Standards
  2. Request To Setup A New Account

    To setup your new Public Utility account for water and/or sewer services, please follow the steps below. Your information will be... More…

  3. Submit New Meter Installation Request

    If all connection fees and plumbing permit(s) have been applied for and paid, please use this form to request a new meter be installed. More…

Youth - Human Services

  1. CSA: FAPT Satisfaction Survey

    Survey to gather stakeholder input on the FAPT process. To be sent to families, case managers, and others after FAPT meetings.

  1. Registration Form: Becoming a Love and Logic Parent Class

    Class registration form