Broadband Internet Initiatives - Goochland Area WiFi Hotspots

Goochland Area Wi-Fi Hotspots

The County has developed external and select internal hotspot locations at county facilities county-wide to provide citizens with enhanced opportunities to access broadband internet.  This is a short-term strategy to provide access and fill a need while the county implements longer-term strategies. 

Phase I locations of the Goochland Area Wi-Fi Hotspots are listed below and on the following pages.  Specific parking spots have been designated for users in order to ensure access to maximum speeds from the Wi-Fi Hotspot as well for your safety and security while using it.  Each location is monitored by a security camera.  Users will need to select “Public Wi-Fi” to access the internet.   Additional County locations and community facilities will be added as part of Phase II.  

Local businesses, non-profits, and community facilities are encouraged to serve as community hotspot locations.  Interested in being added to the list of publicly accessible area Wi-Fi Hotspots please contact Paul Drumwright at (804) 556-5833 or

Goochland Area Wi-Fi Hotspots – Phase I  



Goochland County Administration Building

1800 Sandy Hook Road

Goochland Fire-Rescue Station 1 – Manakin

180 River Road West

Goochland Fire-Rescue Station 2 – Crozier

1529 River Road West

Goochland Fire-Rescue Station 3 – Centerville

52 Broad Street Road

Goochland Fire-Rescue Station 4 – Fife

2397 Hadensville-Fife Road

Goochland Fire-Rescue Station 5 – Courthouse

2710 Fairground Road

Goochland Fire-Rescue Station 6 – Hadensville

4810 Three Chopt Road