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On January 11th, a Joint Board of Supervisors and Planning Commission meeting took place to provide a short presentation of the Courthouse and Centerville Village small area plan followed by discussion about the draft plan.

Village Plans Presentation - Board of Supervisors & Planning Commission Meeting - January 11, 2023

On November 29th Goochland County held a Community Meeting for the Courthouse Village small area plan.

 The meeting included a short presentation of the draft concept of the plan, plus an community question and comment session . The community meeting was also live streamed virtually through Zoom.  You can view the meeting below. 

Recording of the Courthouse Village Community Meeting 

Community Meeting Presentation:

Goochland Courthouse Community Meeting Slides

View - Download DRAFT Plan Below:

Courthouse Village DRAFT Master Plan

Appendix A - Centerville Village DRAFT Guidelines

Appendix B - DRAFT Branding - Centerville Village

Appendix C - DRAFT Public Engagement - Courthouse

Appendix D - DRAFT Market Analysis - Courthouse

Courthouse Village DRAFT Master Plan with Appendices

Public Comments

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Public Comment Guidelines

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Video of the Goochland Courthouse Village midway meeting presentation (June 8th, 2022)

To view on YouTube

Goochland County's Courthouse Village Plan Midway Slides

Goochland Courthouse Village Live Poll Results

Courthouse Village Round Table Comments

Courthouse Village Breakout Poster Boards

Send questions or comments about the Courthouse Village Plan to  or 804-556-5840.

Courthouse Village and Landmarks inside the Village

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Goochland 2035 - Existing Land Use PlanCourthouse Land Use Map Opens in new window