Combined District Court


General District Court

  • Honorable Claiborne H. Stokes, Jr. Presiding Judge
  • Honorable Robert H. Downer, Jr. Chief Judge


  • Traffic violations
  • Minor criminal cases
  • Preliminary hearings
  • Civil cases - Claims less than $5,000
  • Civil cases - Claims between $4,500 and $25,000 

Juvenile & Domestic Relations District Court


  • Honorable Deborah S. Tinsley, Chief Judge          


  • Child abuse or neglect
  • Child support
  • Custody disputes
  • Foster care
  • Spouse abuse

The Combined District Court Clerk's Office staff is available to answer general questions and to assist you in doing business with the Court.  However, they cannot give you legal advice and are not responsible for the content of documents submitted to the Court or for ensuring that the parties comply with the filing requirements.  Please consult a private attorney if you feel you need assistance in preparing documents or pleadings, need guidance on the filing requirements, and/or other legal assistance.

Custody, Visitation & Support Petitions & Juvenile Probation Contact

Court Services Unit
Steve Pierce, Intake Officer
(804) 556-5346

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